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Thanksgiving – Last Minute Tips

 shutterstock_2636008We’ll be quick because Thanksgiving is here. So even if you’re an experienced cook who’s prepared Thanksgiving dinner multiple times, there are ways to make the meal taste better and the preparation more seamless. Here are quick last minute tips to help you pull off the holiday dinner without a hitch.

  • Heat plates and meat platters at 300 degrees for 5 minutes so food will stay hot longer.
  • Ice, ice and more ice. It is always needed in big quantities. Get what you think you need, and then add an extra bag.
  • Let the turkey rest after roasting by removing it from the roasting pan and letting it sit about 20 minutes before carving. The juices will go back into the meat, giving you a moister main dish.
  • Toasting nuts will intensify the flavor of pecans and other nuts used in salads and other dishes. Put them on a cookie sheet and bake in a 350-degree oven about 7-8 minutes.shutterstock_627603

Finally, you’ve worked hard so enjoy your party plus our special offer on some delicious coffee. Happy Thanksgiving!


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