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Designing a Good Time

filigreeHoliday menu design doesn’t have to be complicated, but there is an art to it. Consider the style of your event and what tone you’d like to set. In general the more formal the party, the more formal the food should be.

Consider including a selection of flavors and textures. Perhaps serve something spicy, something creamy and soothing, and then add something crunchy.

Always start with a staple dish that most people will eat. This would be a typical dip that every palate can enjoy. Then you can get creative with other complementary foods that your more discerning palates will enjoy.

Try to keep your perspective. Take advantage of recipes that you can make ahead of time. That way, you can enjoy the party, too. Make vegetable casseroles ahead of time, but put toppings such as buttered breadcrumbs in a separate container and add them just before baking to keep them crisp. Pie crusts, rolls, cookies and other baked goods can be prepared a week ahead and frozen. holiday_bread_puddParties are meant to be fun and enjoyed. A top priority on your to-do list should be enjoy the moment.

Visuals are important so think about the shape and color of food. If the food looks good, people will try it. If everything you offer sits on little crackers, you’re not providing any visual variety.

Remember your dessert finale paired with just the right coffee. A general rule of coffee-pairing thumb is the richer the dessert (i.e. chocolate, praline or peanut butter flavoring), the darker the roast. Also, sippable holiday treats like Community Bread Pudding, Bananas Foster and Pecan Praline flavored coffees can also add a lovely finishing touch. You were going to brew a pot of coffee anyway, why not kick it up a notch with a unique holiday flavor?


Keep in mind during this holiday season that coffee gift sets can make a great hostess gift as well as a unique present for any coffee connoisseur. Coffee lovers have a variety of items from which to choose to fit any budget and taste preference. Check out CommunityCoffee.com. Also, to learn more about  Community Coffee Company, watch our latest videos.



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