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Brew Up Your Own Holiday Cheer

Tart DessertsCoffee and dessert pairings are very similar to choosing the right wine for a meal. Coffee grown in various parts of the world and roasted at different levels will produce subtly different flavors. These flavors are the perfect accent for various types of desserts – whether they’re tart, fruited, creamy, chocolate or spiced. The trick is to use coffee made with the highest quality Arabica beans and one that supports the flavor notes in the dessert.

Here are a few desserts that are commonly served in homes and restaurants, along with each dessert’s complementary coffee:

  • Pecan pie (caramel flavor) – Café Special®, Breakfast Blend (smooth and mellow)
  • Cheesecake (creamy dessert) – Café Special® (fragrant and slightly nutty)
  • Fruit pie (tangy) – Medium Roast (fruity flavor)
  • Chocolate cake (strong and rich) – Dark Roast, Breakfast Blend. You’ll need a dark roast to stand up to the flavor!

RichCakesA general rule of thumb: the richer the dessert (i.e. chocolate, praline or peanut butter flavoring), the darker the roast.

Another option is to make the coffee the dessert.
Who would have thought to combine the rich Southern dessert of bread pudding with the best tasting coffee? We did. We’ve highlighted the flavors of the season with our new Bread Pudding variety. No heavy syrups, just the coffee customer’s love roasted with the right touch of caramel and brown sugar flavoring.

Savor sippable holiday treats like Community Coffee Company’s new Bread Pudding, or traditional seasonal favorites like its Bananas Foster and Pecan Praline.

For four generations, we’ve gone beyond to help make the holidays more festive – and more delicious. So take your next party from beyond good – to great.
You’ll find these coffees at grocery stores as well as on our website along with a coffee pairing guide.

Keep in mind during this holiday season that coffee gift sets can make a great hostess gift as well as a unique present for any coffee connoisseur. Coffee lovers have a variety of items from which to choose to fit any budget and taste preference. Check out CommunityCoffee.com.


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