Rituals to Improve Your Day

coffee_cupSavor your coffee. How long did it take you to down your last cup of coffee? Next time, take a cue from the Japanese, whose formal tea ceremony can last four hours. Before taking a drink, participants raise their bowls in tribute to all the factors that came together to create that moment – from their ancestors to the farmers who grew the tea to the elders who taught them how to prepare it.

Try this amended routine: Focus on the drink in front of you. Notice the smell and relish the flavor, texture and body of the coffee. Take some time to really taste and enjoy your cup of java. You’ll find it’s a wonderful daily exercise in mindfulness.

Drink Slowly: Small, frequent doses of caffeine – as little as 20 mg at a time – work better to help you stay alert throughout a busy morning rather than gulping down an entire cup at once, says researchers at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School and other institutions. So sip a second cup of coffee gradually, and you’ll stay zippy through lunch.

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