Perfect Presents

Valentine’s Day will forever be associated with the classic gifts of cards, roses, and chocolates. And you can’t go wrong with those mainstays. But this year try shaking up convention with some innovative and non-traditional gift-giving ideas for your special someone, even if that someone is yourself.

Don’t Overdo it: The perfect gift depends most importantly on the status of your particular romantic situation.  Lisa Daily, the author of Stop Getting Dumped, says the key in the early day is balance. You want a gift that says, “I was thinking of you, but not obsessing over you.” 

For a just budding relationship (think one to three dates), Daily recommends a gift you might bring a hostess at a party: wine or treats. Try something other than candy: cookies, a favorite snack food, or dinner at a new, unique restauV-day_foodrant.

The longer you’ve been together by the time Valentine’s Day rolls around, the more intimate and expensive a gift can be. 

It Really IS the Thought That Counts: If you’re in a longer-term relationship, from 6 months to 6-plus years, you probably know enough about the other person to personalize your gift. Show how much you appreciate and care for your significant other. Save the sappy clichés for the card and make the gift really meaningful, says Robin Gorman Newman, author of “How to Marry a Mensch.” Get something your sweetie always talks about, but would never buy for him or herself. 

Catering to your love’s special interests or giving something that promotes you being together will mean much more than three dozen red roses or expensive jewelry. Think of our pairing suggestions from our previous blog — just knowing and selecting your sweethear’ts favorite dessert and taking the time to pair it with a yummy coffee can really mean so much.


Military_Match_mugMilitary Match Initiative: Every day, our US military men and women show us what it truly means to go beyond. It can be so important to our servicemen and women to get a little cup of home and a great cup of coffee goes a long way to provide comfort. 

We want to encourage friends and family especially with Valentine’s around the corner to support our military by purchasing four bags of Community coffee for your sweetheart serving abroad and we’ll match your order with four additional bags. Visit to order, all you need is a valid overseas military addresses (APO/FPO addresses).

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