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Boost Your Resolution Planning

NewYears_Customers_V2_CSD_email_temp1_560_420When you pour your first cup of coffee, it will come as no surprise that caffeine boosts attention and focus, but it’s especially good for simple cognitive tasks. Anywhere from 40 mg to 250 mg of caffeine increases alertness. That’s less than you think – simply one cup can provide the boost you need to power through some of your more routine tasks.

You can take full advantage of that little extra momentum to clean out your inbox while you sip, sort mail, make necessary call backs, etc, any of those little tasks that many of us put off and allow to pile up.

Of course, with New Year’s around the corner, it’s a great time to enjoy your java while writing down your resolutions. If your New Year’s resolutions from last year have gone unresolved, you’re not alone. But here are some quick tips to help you get a little further along this year.

  • “Put some thought into it,” says Richard O’Connor, author of “Happy at Last: The Thinking Person’s Guide to Finding Joy.” And avoid knee-jerk New Year’s resolutions, he says. “I encourage people not to make cheap resolutions, but to save it for something meaningful.”
  • Limit your list to a number you can handle. “It’s probably best to make two or three resolutions that you intend to keep,” says O’Connor. That way, you’re focusing your efforts on the goals you truly want.
  • Make a plan. Everyone needs a path to get to where they want to be. Create a goal with a series of measurable, specific steps to check your progress along the way and ensure you achieve your resolution.
  • Write down the goal and visualize it regularly. Writing and visualizing are effective tools for fulfilling a goal because they fix it firmly in the subconscious, says Stephen Covey, author of “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.”

Remember that slip-ups are part of the process too. Forgive yourself if you can’t maintain your plan perfectly. Just keep adjusting and moving forward toward your goal.

Happy New Year’s!

Louisianans Reminisce on Cajun Christmas Tale

Only in Louisiana indeed!

The Daily South

Alligators replacing reindeer? Only in Louisiana, where Cajun Night Before Christmas author James Rice created a muskrat-wearing St. Nick whose gators fly with different names (“Ha, Gaston! Ha, Tiboy! Ha, Pierre an’ Alceé…”). We asked five Bayou State tastemakers to share their favorite lines and memories from the swamp-based story, including beloved artist George Rodrigue who passed away last weekend.

John Besh
Profession: New Orleans-based chef; restaurants include August, Lüke, Borgne, and American Sector

“When I was young, I was captivated by the sketches of the Louisiana I knew, with bayous, skiffs, and even alligators.”

Irvin Mayfield
Profession: Trumpeter and bandleader at Irvin Mayfield’s Jazz Playhouse and founder of the New Orleans Jazz Orchestra

“It’s a classic tale spun in a Southern way. And who doesn’t love the idea of 8 alligators instead of reindeer(?)”

Donald Link
Profession: New Orleans-based chef; restaurants include Herbsaint, Cochon, and Pêche

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Happy Holidays From Our Family to Yours!


If the holiday season reminds you of cozy moments sipping a cup of Community® coffee, we invite you to sit back and enjoy our latest video. Join Donald and his trusty truck, Eugene, as they light up a sleepy town with a splash of holiday spirit. Share the joy —




Dazzle Overnight Guests

Choc_ToppersChocolate is always a good start.

Add an extra hint of chocolate to your Community® coffee with a chocolate covered spoon. Melt your choice of chocolate, dip the spoon in the mixture and freeze overnight. Stir it in with your coffee. It’s a simple, yummy treat — Great for adding a little spark in your morning routine or to dazzle your overnight guests.

Or for an extra Christmasy treat, try using a candy cane dipped in chocolate as your spoon. Then you get a chocolate and peppermint addition to your morning cup of coffee.


Consider setting up a flavored coffee bar. Brew pots of each of the Community seasonal variety coffees and organize them in individual carafes with fun name plates noting each flavor. Your guests are sure to enjoy your early morning flare.


Finishing Touches

Take the time to be thankful this holiday season. Don’t get so caught up in planning that you forget to enjoy your holiday. You’re supposed to be celebrating with friends and family, so keep it simple.

  • Calculate the time of your guests’ arrival so your food is done and you can enjoy the party. The last thing you want to be is running around stirring pots and heating up rolls when you could and should be welcoming guests and catching up.
  • Choose appetizers that are easy to restock and to eat. You want people to mix and mingle, and overly complicated and drippy foods can hinder conversations.MyFirstCup_GS_83857_lrg
  • Add a touch of elegance. How about a table-side coffee preparation in a French Press? The French Press is a more elegant way to brew your coffee. It relies on the “steeping method,” in which the coffee grounds are completely infused with hot water, extracting the flavor. You simply add hot water, let it steep and press down the plunger. This method results in a heavier-bodied coffee. Also, consider sippable holiday treats like the new Community Bread Pudding , or traditional seasonal favorites like Community Bananas Foster and Pecan Praline flavored coffees.
  • Think about a fun remembrance. It could be as simple as custom wrapping cookies or snapping instant Polaroid photos for guests to take with them. You want to not only enjoy your party but be able to have a memento to remember it.

Overall simplify and keep it fun.infinity

Keep in mind during this holiday season that coffee gift sets can make a great hostess gift as well as a unique present for any coffee connoisseur. Coffee lovers have a variety of items from which to choose to fit any budget and taste preference. Check out Also, to learn more about  Community Coffee Company, watch our latest videos.

Designing a Good Time

filigreeHoliday menu design doesn’t have to be complicated, but there is an art to it. Consider the style of your event and what tone you’d like to set. In general the more formal the party, the more formal the food should be.

Consider including a selection of flavors and textures. Perhaps serve something spicy, something creamy and soothing, and then add something crunchy.

Always start with a staple dish that most people will eat. This would be a typical dip that every palate can enjoy. Then you can get creative with other complementary foods that your more discerning palates will enjoy.

Try to keep your perspective. Take advantage of recipes that you can make ahead of time. That way, you can enjoy the party, too. Make vegetable casseroles ahead of time, but put toppings such as buttered breadcrumbs in a separate container and add them just before baking to keep them crisp. Pie crusts, rolls, cookies and other baked goods can be prepared a week ahead and frozen. holiday_bread_puddParties are meant to be fun and enjoyed. A top priority on your to-do list should be enjoy the moment.

Visuals are important so think about the shape and color of food. If the food looks good, people will try it. If everything you offer sits on little crackers, you’re not providing any visual variety.

Remember your dessert finale paired with just the right coffee. A general rule of coffee-pairing thumb is the richer the dessert (i.e. chocolate, praline or peanut butter flavoring), the darker the roast. Also, sippable holiday treats like Community Bread Pudding, Bananas Foster and Pecan Praline flavored coffees can also add a lovely finishing touch. You were going to brew a pot of coffee anyway, why not kick it up a notch with a unique holiday flavor?


Keep in mind during this holiday season that coffee gift sets can make a great hostess gift as well as a unique present for any coffee connoisseur. Coffee lovers have a variety of items from which to choose to fit any budget and taste preference. Check out Also, to learn more about  Community Coffee Company, watch our latest videos.



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